March 24, 2006


When the son of Izzy Asper says this...

Wow times must be really be good when you see this written...

From The National Post ...

Go ahead, Liberals. Make Canada's day
David Asper, National Post
Published: Thursday, March 23, 2006

Brace yourself Canada. The Liberals are huffing and puffing and threatening to blow the Conservative house down when Parliament resumes in early April. The crime? Prime Minister Stephen Harper may not implement the former government's expensive, intrusive day-care plan -- a plan designed to gild the cradle part of Canada's cradle-to-grave left-wing ideal. But Canadians never rallied to this issue in the first place. Nor did we re-elect its main proponent. In fact, we elected a government with a very different view about how to assist families with children. Rather than creating a bloated equivalent to the health-care system, Stephen Harper thinks the government should give some money back to us and let us decide how best to spend it. What a radical idea, eh? A political leader giving us credit for being at least a half-wit. This idea, you will recall, inspired Liberal attack dogs to ridicule voters on the basis that if Harper gave us some of our money back we wouldn't provide for our kids but rather blow it all on "beer and popcorn." Liberals apparently believe that we have no wit, and it is only they who can spend our money properly. These are the same politicians who blew so many billions on ill-conceived and woefully mismanaged programs that it's hard even to keep track. And now they're making noises about bringing down the government we just elected and forcing another election. Even if it's just huffing and puffing, one has to wonder whether the Liberals have learned anything from being dispatched to the opposition benches. It takes a certain arrogance to get thrown out of power in late January and then, not 60 days later, start talking about trying to seize it back. With no leader, $4-million in party debt, no guiding political direction and lingering internal divisions left over from the Martin/Chretien wars, the Liberals would have to be utterly stupid to force an election. On the other hand, maybe it would be a good thing for Canada if the Liberals gave us another shot at them. While the vast majority of us wanted change, when it came right down to it we waffled and got ourselves change-lite in the form of a minority government. Many of us would like to finish the job and establish stability in our government by electing a Conservative majority. In the relatively short time since the federal election, Harper has done more to improve Canada's image on the world stage than Paul Martin did during his entire reign. The PM's support for our armed forces and show of solidarity by joining our boys and girls in Afghanistan has done more for national unity than anything in recent Liberal memory. In a workman-like manner, Harper is restoring the Canada we knew and loved to Canadians. The David Emerson non-scandal aside, Canadians like what they've seen from the Conservatives. A majority government would allow the Prime Minister to implement his vision, which Canadians could clearly judge come the next election. Moreover, it would finalize the message to the Liberals that they must go away, refresh their leadership and ideas, and only then come back to seek our vote. So go ahead, Bill Graham. Bring down the government. It would be the dawn of a new political reality in Canada. Just not the one you want.

© National Post 2006

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March 21, 2006


An endorsement from Mercer means something is going right.

Found it rather funny that after my complaints about Harper's tarnished image he starts to polish it back up. The recent Afghanistan trip was quite the feat, not only for a Canadian PM, but for any world leader. Imagine Bush, Blair, or Howard going right up to the soldiers at their own respective front lines in this war against fundamentalist Islamist fascism ("War on Terror" is painfully inapt) and personally shaking their hands: it just isn't something that many powerful world leaders do.

Ahhhhhhhhh, it feels really good to be able to mention a Canadian PM anywhere near the same breath as "powerful world leader" again. Harper's legacy may very well rest on what he accomplishes outside of Canada. Thanks to years of self-serving and narrow-minded geopolitical thinking brought forward by Liberal PM's since the Trudeaupian Age, Canada's international influence has become just a wee bit flimsy as of late. Emulating the indecisive, bungling, flip-flopping lead of now-failed leaders like Chirac, Schroeder, and Berlusconni, our recent Liberal autarchs have given Canada a sort of "used car salesman" image in international affairs that probably has Lester Pearson spinning cartwheels in his grave. Harper's commitment to no-nonsense, straight-forward, and up-front diplomatic relations will once again permit the Canadian position to be fully known and, more importantly, respected and understood during the summit conference barbeque circuit. At least by ending the beaten-to-death practice of defining the Canadian experience in direct opposition to the American one, our government can finally focus on presenting us as what we are, rather than by what we (allegedly) are not. Hell, let the NDP, Liberals, and Bloc gripe over and tamper with most of the domestic agenda, like hungry (and desperate) dogs fighting over some electoral table scraps, if Harper can stay clearly focused on the bigger picture, and his broader vision, he likely won't have to seek approval from the opposition just to fart the next time around.

Visiting Afghanistan was definitely a good thing for all of us, because it will at least bring some publicity to the mission and what exactly it is all about. People are quick to forget stuff in the post 9-11 world, but it is still very difficult for any anti-war activist out there to rationalize leaving the Taliban to their own devices. Plus, it makes the Tories as a whole look good and takes some of that heat away from the whole Emerson-appointee-thingy. Even the usually quite anti-Tory Rick Mercer sees the merit in what was accomplished by Harper's trip, as evidenced from his TV show's (22 minutes minus the talented actors ...sorry Rick, but Walsh and Thomey had you beat by far...) recent rant. And, just as Mercer (rather correctly) pointed out, Harper still needs to work on the consistency of his image if he ever wants to shake those "old lady with 9 cats" analogies. Hopefully these are just the last bumps in the road. Let the Liberals and NDP handle the tarnishing of their own images through their petty bickering and political sabotage, if Harper can just hone that focused, professional, well-read, and influential "leader image" abroad, Canadians just might give him the chance to actually run the show here at home as well.

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