March 11, 2006


Wow, Harper just can't seem to avoid screwing up, eh?

Let me start this all off by saying that I am a Tory. Never a Reformer, never a Red one, just a good old-fashioned believer in the ol' conservative (i.e. Classical Liberal) tradition of freedom, capitalism, and prosperity. Being as young as I am, I have basically spent my entire adult and teenaged life under the grip of the "Entitled" Liberal oligopoly. Finally, after 12 long years, the day that so many right-wingers in the country had been waiting for, even with that persistent, nagging doubt that it might never arrive, came to fruition. So why am I not happy right now? While election night may have been a happy celebration for Eastern conservatives, election night here in Alberta was more of a silent and nervous gathering for many of those who have essentially taken it upon themselves to become the last great bastion of common-sense thinking against that hippy-dippy, spendy-spendy, anti-American, Trudeaupian socialist statism that strangles our country by holding our own hand around our throats. After all the scandal, after all the arrogance, after all the overtaxation and everything else that was dumped on us by the Lie-berals, it took a miracle in Quebec for Harper to even win the election. A mere 124 seats to 103 (36-30%), this despite having a 10+ point lead in most polls only days before, giving a "beating" that was even less than the 135-99 (37-29%) one placed on us the last time. Luckily, those very 10 seats won in Quebec, an open prediction of which would've landed one into institutionalized care mere weeks before election night, basically allowed Harper to become the "unelectable" Prime Minister-elect.

I suppose that's better than what Robert Stanfield can say, same thing with Drew, Bracken, hell, even Arthur Meighan never actually won an election. So here we are, the Tories are victorious and represented across the country. Well, except for Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, but really that just goes to show how sick the rest of the country is with the three respective "centres of the Universe," it's their loss, not ours. Still, Harper had it made, no two oppostion parties had enough seats to oppose him, he only needed to suck up to one at a time, he had the advantage of an electorally-weary population who wasn't about to tolerate another quick election, and the CBC & Globe and Mail finally came to terms with his ascension, excellent situation it was eh? Well, now here we are just a few weeks from the opening of parliament, and already there's a contempt of parliament motion in the offing. The Liberals have essentially told Harper to go play with himself, meaning that he will have to work with the separatists or (even less likely) the NDP to get anything done. The Emerson affair was one complete disaster right from day one, why the hell was that guy so damn important that all the heat we've taken for it was actually worth it? We've already seen the Trailer Park Boys sing "Don't let the country down" to Harper on national TV. (What the hell was that? Would Martin've ever had to face crap like that?) All that and the Afghanistan situation has made Harper and the Tories look bad despite their having nothing to do with starting it. Now we've got all the peace-loving lefties beating their drums of cowardice by publicly denouncing our role in Afghanistan, even though it has been done with UN approval. Christ, should we just let the Taliban stay in power? I love how peaceniks are already starting to manipulate the the public into thinking that somehow Afghanistan and Iraq are related, but frankly, Afghanistan is much better off with our presence, and here's to hoping that our troops stay for as long as it takes.

Still, Harper goes into his first session of parliament looking like a hypocrite over the whole Emerson/Shapiro thing (even though Shapiro is an a**hole who wouldn't have investigated a Liberal PM even if he was openly embezzling public funds), plus most of his policies are being openly challenged by the opposition. Unfortunately it does seem that Canada is about to choke itself further with yet another financially-draining, bureaucratic, unresponsive public social program, this time in daycare, once again forcing many to forget the danger inherent in this ever-increasingly empowered federal state. Well, so much for the hope of a reformed federal government, the Liberals, Bloc, and N.D.P. seem quite determined to force Canadians to swallow their big-government cash grabs and handouts. It seems that disaster and the Tories still do go together, I guess they were just able to hold it off for a few months. The "liberal judges" remark, along with the entire Emerson affair (the Fortier one could've been more easily forgiven), the forced adoption of socialized child care, the peaceniks bleating over Afghanistan, and Ralph Klein's Third Way have just made the right-wing victory a nightmare. My boys just won the game, but I still feel like the best-two-out-three series is slipping away. Steve, for the love of god, don't forget that you simply do not have the luxury of the benefit of the doubt that kept Chretien in power for so long. This 39th parliament is not shaping up very well for any of us who were hoping for sensibility to finally return to Ottawa. Some victory eh?

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