July 07, 2009


Notice for those who care about liberty...

If you agree that there is no place for oppressive Human Rights Commissions in a free and democratic country like Canada, please forward this to people on your contact list.

If you agree and are a resident of Ontario, follow the link below to register to vote in the upcoming Ontario PC leadership election. Even if you are not a resident of Ontario, please forward this to friends and family.

MPP Randy Hillier is running for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. As you may know, a major plank in Randy's platform is a promise to abolish Ontario's Human Rights Commission.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate that there is significant support for the idea of getting rid of these kangaroo courts. If we don't get behind this initiative now we may never be able to convince Canadian politicians to take the issue on again in the future.

Please act now: www.abolishhrcs.ca

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