July 07, 2009


Picking on the new guy...

From: The Conservative Party of Canada

May 13, 2009

Did you know that Michael Ignatieff spent over 30 years away from Canada - more than half his life?

Did you know that while away he went so far as to call Britain and then America his country? And that he even told an interviewer the only thing he missed about Canada was Algonquin Park?

How about that Ignatieff, who claims to represent all the people, admits to being flattered when people call him by his aristocratic title - "Count Ignatieff" - and actually brags about being "horribly arrogant," "cosmopolitan," and even an intellectual "samurai?"

Did you know that Michael Ignatieff is the father of the Liberal carbon tax, proposing the idea even before Stephane Dion did? Did you know Ignatieff admits he's considering hiking the GST, and bluntly warns "we will have to raise taxes" because of his big spending schemes?

Did you know that Michael Ignatieff thinks that the only way to know you are in Quebec and not Vermont or Minnesota is French road signage? Or that he boasts he does not speak heavily accented “Quebecois” but rather “French-French?”

Like many Canadians you may not have heard any of these facts about the man who has come back to Canada, demanding to lead you and me. Ignatieff has, without question, enjoyed one of the longest political free rides ever.

Well, I am writing to tell you that his free ride is over.

And we will take our message directly to the Canadian people.

To get our message out about Ignatieff's blind ambition to become Prime Minister after staying away for over 30 years, we have created a new website titled none other than
Ignatieff.me - a perfect name for a politician who has always put himself first.

The inspiration for
Ignatieff.me was Michael Ignatieff himself, who smugly posed on the front cover of magazines - around the time he told the British press "someone like me does not exist in America and that seems to me to be terrible."

Ignatieff.me you can learn more about Ignatieff, watch new political ads, and use our Internet tools to inform your family, friends, and neighbours about the man, the "Count" who seeks to lead our country after staying away for over 30 years.

So please, click here to visit
Ignatieff.me. I guarantee you'll learn more facts about Ignatieff there than you have anywhere else.

And once you're done learning about Ignatieff and spreading the word,
click here to support our website, by chipping in. Unlike Count Ignatieff, we depend on grassroots Canadians like you.

Yours truly,

Doug Finley

National Campaign Director - Conservative Party of Canada

P.S. Go to Ignatieff.me right now - you'll be amazed by what you see!

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