January 06, 2009


Setting priorities for 2009...

With Joe Canadian Gone, It’s Time for Joe Conservative’s New Year’s Resolutions
Graham Sproule
Posted: December 31, 2008

We’ve heard a lot about patriotism and putting "Country First" this past year. No doubt many remember the famous Molson commercial featuring "Joe Canadian" where he stands up and rants about what it is and is not to be a Canadian. What was particularly crowd pleasing about the rant was that he shattered common stereotypes that Americans hold about Canadians. For all his jingoistic bravado, "Joe Canadian" soon became another casualty of the "brain drain" and went to live in the very country he ranted against. The Canadian era of pop-culture patriotism that is not built upon any real principles has come to pass. Now is the time for a truly patriotic Canadian whom we’ll call "Joe Conservative." As we enter 2009, Joe Conservative also needs to move past the common stereotypes that the Canadian media perpetuates about him with glee. He must demonstrate true patriotism by championing conservatism. Now rather than spending all his time ranting on talk-radio shows, here are some patriotic acts that Joe Conservative can perform on behalf of his country:

10) File a human rights complaint against the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for so blatantly discriminating against your Canadian national origin. After all, freedom of the press has been a part of Canadian nationhood long before the CHRT was created.

9) In keeping with illustrious traditions of our nation’s "most hallowed honour," write a letter to Rideau Hall nominating Louis Riel, Naomi Klein, and Paul Bernardo for the Order of Canada. All of them more than meet the current norms of what it means to bring Canadians together.

8) Read that good conservative book you been meaning to read for some time now. Some good ones are "Rescuing Canada’s Right," "Mulroney’s Memoirs," "Standing on Guard for Thee," "America Alone," and "Liberal Fascism."

7) Get involved in a political party with a conservative or conservative-leaning philosophy by joining that party’s local EDA board in your riding, such as the Conservative Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of BC, the Saskatchewan Party, the Ontario PC's, and so forth.

6) Network by adding fellow conservatives on Facebook to your friends list every week and determine which online forums will help you expand your conservative network.

5) Donate some money to a conservative or libertarian organization such as The Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, The Reagan-Goldwater Society, The United Commonwealth Society, The Institute for Liberal Studies, The Red Ensign Society of Canada, The Institute for Canadian Values, The Blue Tory Club, The National Citizens Coalition, or The Canadian Coalition for Democracies.

4) Patronize businesses that you know will contribute money to conservative causes, and become as involved with local charities in your community as your time and money will afford.

3) Remember to wear a pin, wear a red shirt on Fridays, or send a message to our soldiers in Kandahar thanking them for the sacrifice they are making on behalf of our country and let them know that we don’t take them or their families for granted.

2) Go to www.canadians4democracy.ca and sign the petition against "The Coalition." Forward the petition to your friends, and get as many neighbours as possible to sign it. Also, register your e-mail address on www.rallyforcanada.ca

1) Write your MP, the Finance Minister, and the Prime Minister, and tell them that the budget should be balanced by cutting the size of the federal budget. Let them know that, as a voter, you know that the last thing Canada’s economy needs is more "stimulus packages" or "bailouts."

Copyright 2009 - Graham Sproule

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