October 28, 2008


How important a majority is going to be...

Let's Go Get That Majority!
By: Chris Reid

Yes, I have been critical of our Conservative Party here in Canada for not sticking with conservative principles, but Oct. 14th looms and it is time to put things in perspective.

Politics unfortunately is not a philosophical debate. Politics is a game you set out to win, and it comes with having to make imperfect choices in an imperfect world. When it comes down to it, disaffected libertarians, conservatives, social conservatives, while we may disagree on the details of certain issues, the larger issue of lesser government and more freedom to pursue our dreams and goals in life is what binds us together. With that, our imperfect choice is the Conservative Party.

Let’s look at the Conservative track record:
I know that last point might be a sore issue with many in the West. However, let us remember Sir John A. MacDonald’s take on Quebec, "Treat them as a faction, and they will react like a faction. Treat them as a nation, and they will react like a nation." On that note, both MacDonald and Harper understand that a nation isn’t born out of dividing people into special interest groups. With that, let’s look at the alternatives.

The Liberals and NDP want to regulate and tax our country into submission. The Liberals want to tax us for simply using the energy we use every day so we can get to work, and avoid freezing to death. They would put into action the famous Albertan bumper sticker, “Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark!” The NDP would hike taxes on businesses and stop investments in the oil sands – the most booming sector of the economy that is creating jobs for “average working families”, the families he claims to support.

If Harper only gets a minority again, government will still expand as it did under the previous parliament, where he spent taxpayer money like a Liberal on speed to avoid being defeated. Our best chance at seeing smaller government is getting out there and getting that majority for the Conservatives. Once they win, we can petition them to actually implement small-c conservative principles. So let’s go get that majority!


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