September 01, 2008


More trouble brewing....

From: Freedom is My Nationality

A native group declares war on the State
Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
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I feel like I am justified in saying that I told you so. So I will say it… I told you so.

A group of natives have occupied another construction site in Southern Ontario. This time it is in Brantford. It is an undeniable truth that when you do not enforce the law people stop obeying the law. The law was not enforced in Caledonia. The rights of property owners were not protected. Is there another out there, besides the Liberal government, who is shocked that it is happening again?

A few months ago I participated in an Ontario Model Parliament. I somewhat flippantly yelled out that the Caledonian occupiers were terrorists when someone in the Liberal benches referenced them. A Liberal stood up and demanded that I should apologise. The Speaker of the House called upon me to make a statement and I refused to apologise. I defended my statement by saying that those that use terror and crime for political gain are thugs and terrorists. I warned the House that if they are not stopped civil unrest will ensue.

Now we have people getting away with punching police officers. We have citizens claiming that;
"This is war," said Steve Powless, a spokesman for the Six Nations
protesters, standing outside the fence of the Kingspan site, outside of which there were two canvas tents and a teepee where about a dozen natives had been sleeping over the weekend. "I'm a solider. I'm here to fight."
What is the government for? Why do we have a Leviathan? It is to keep the peace and to prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening. Even Thomas Hobbes would grant that the people of Branton now have the right to revolt against the government. The Ontario Government is not holding up its side of the bargain.

I have to give credit to the Brantford government. They had the courage to exercise their right and demand the protection of the Canadian Forces. They went further and demanded that their economic damages should be repaid.

What will the government’s reaction be? To negotiate? How much land must be come lawless before they act? How much chaos are they willing to tolerate?

Calling them terrorists is putting it crudely. What they are truly is the vehicle of chaos; the collapse of civil society and the ultimate failure of government.

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