July 31, 2008


Speak the truth, get hauled in front of a Tribunal...

Awaiting a turn at commission
By: Michael Coren
June 7, 2008

I accuse. The various federal and provincial human rights commissions of discrimination. Against me. Because for years now I have spoken out against same-sex marriage, the excesses of the gay community and Muslim extremism in my column as well as on my radio and television shows.

A total of 250,000 people watch the latter and the radio program is on the largest station in Canada. Good Lord, I've even made speeches on these issues, addressing thousands of people.

I know that some people have complained about me to certain commissions, but I also know that the commissions in question have rejected the complaints. Yet as the B.C. Human Rights bunch takes on Maclean's magazine I am ignored. Why? It can only be because I am a Roman Catholic, half-Jewish, heterosexual, bald Conservative immigrant. It's offensive, unfair and horribly un-Canadian.

For years now these kangaroo courts - fear not, Australian marsupials are not yet protected under our hate crimes legislation so I'm okay - have gone after relatively anonymous teachers, tradesmen and church ministers who have few resources and limited connections. Come on guys, you're missing an opportunity here.

So here goes. Marriage is between a man and a woman. If two homosexuals want to live together that is entirely up to them, but it is not and can never be a marriage.

World's still round. The state may say otherwise, but if the state suddenly decides that the world is flat, the world is still round. I will never, while there is breath in my body, regard a same-sex union as a marriage.

Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children, whether they are part of what they think of as a marriage or not. If at all possible children should be raised by a mother and a father.

While single parent families do obviously exist, a healthy society should aspire to a mother and father raising children. To consciously create families where one gender is not present is irresponsible and dangerous.

Islam may not be reconcilable with a western, pluralistic culture. There is not a single Islamic state that enjoys the liberal multiculturalism or respect for human rights and diversity taken for granted in almost all of the Christian-based world. The right to convert to another faith, the freedom to express unpopular opinions, the equality of women and so many other basic virtues are unusual if not impossible.

If we contrast Hindu India with its immediate neighbour Muslim Pakistan, for example, we see how one celebrates different religions and parliamentary representation while the other has been ruled by dictators and persecutes religious minorities.

Both countries were left by the British empire with equal economic potential, but while India is about to become an economic super power, Pakistan is in decay.

Only a bigot would argue that all terrorism is committed by Muslims. But only a fool would deny that Islam is the only religion that directly produces so much international terror, from Russia and Palestine to Britain and Spain and from the United States and Jordan to Indonesia and Egypt.

When sadistic brutes scream out verses from the Koran before cutting the head off a bound and screaming victim, who am I to deny that Islam is a factor? When terrorist leaders tell us time and time again that their Muslim faith inspires them, how dare we not take their word?

Dear human rights commission types, surely this is enough.

Copyright 2008 - Michael Coren

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