May 31, 2008


A note on free speech on campus....

Fellow Supporters of Free Speech,

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) have reinforced their stance on banning pro-life groups. The York Federation of Students (YFS) was the ringleader in making the motion this past weekend and also have plans to ban their prolife groups at a meeting this coming weekend.

This decision is especially disturbing, as it demonstrates:
  1. The CFS and YFS do not want women to be fully informed.
  2. The CFS and YFS do not tolerate differing viewpoints - this is totalitarianism.
  3. The CFS and YFS have made a sweeping motion that does not represent all CFS/YFS students - this demonstrates a lack of transparency, and that the CFS/YFS accepts a dogma of dictatorship.

We need to join together to defend our rights to express our opinions and freedom of speech on university campuses! This is the time for YOU to act to make an impact.

Email Robert J. Tiffin, York's vice-president who has publicly disagreed with what is happening. He needs to know his stance is supported and that we feel strongly that he should exert his power over the YFS who are showing clearly discriminatory actions against a group of students.

Express your concern for freedom of speech at York U and the discriminatory actions taken by a student's union who is supposed to represent all students, despite personal beliefs.

Remember - If you say nothing when they start taking others rights away, who will be left when they start taking yours?

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