February 19, 2008


An open invitation to all...

Hello Everyone,

I'm sure you've read and/or heard about Ezra Levant's battles with the Human Rights Commission. In the coverage, however, they keep on saying the "defunct" Western Standard, or something similar. But that is just not so.

The WS was defunct. But it was purchased within the last two months. The new owners are committed to making it work, and to making it big. I'm helping to edit the new WS, which will be an online publication, with a quarterly print magazine stuffed into every National Post.

Maybe you can help, you can visit the website: www.westernstandard.ca, and see what's new there. You can also visit the Shotgun Blog (http://westernstandard.blogs.com/shotgun/), which has Liam O'Brien posting, with Aaron Lee-Wudrick joining him.

The Western Standard is worth keeping, and it's worth helping to make it a success.

Get on board, get to commenting on the blog, and become a part of it. The more the merrier. Especially now. Especially with the Human Rights Commissions in Canada the way they are, and the silence that we're seeing about it from Canada's other news sources.

Peter Jaworski.

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