December 29, 2006


Chicken Little and the Climate Change crowd...

And next … the Spanish Inquisition!
By: John Weissenberger -
December 13, 2006

Not only has the debate over climate long since departed from scientific discourse, it has gone through a succession of stages, discussed here previously in some detail. The latest transformation appears to be from a mere consensus which may not be challenged, to more of a faith which may not be doubted.

Forget the intuitive discomfort one feels over a consensus that is so sure, so ironclad that it must stifle any debate. It's more than that now. Not only may the quite extreme opinions of someone like say, Al Gore, remained unchallenged – you can't make fun of him either.

Not make fun of Al Gore? Come on, next thing Tim Robbins and France will be off limits too. And it's not as if they're offering to trade Dubya one-for-one. Nooooo. Al has apparently canonized himself through his climate activism and anyone who even dares snicker at the great man behind his back will promptly be "outed" by the media. Enter Stockwell Day. Seems the minister used the record-cold November temperatures out West to make a joke at big-Al's expense. Do that and it's in the Globe and Mail as fast as you can say molecular insulation coefficient.

I made the mistake of asking out loud today what the next stage would be... the Spanish Inquisition? Well, no sooner do I get home but there it is – a copy of the Jesuit weekly America (Please! A gift subscription from a well-meaning relative). And the cover story is – a full-length expose on the climate crisis (sorry, subscribers only). So serious is the magazine about the subject that they've interviewed a journalist about it. OK, a former New York Times reporter who's now written a book called "Field Notes from a Catastrophe." Wonder which side she comes down on?

And Cardinal Fang isn't the only churchman who'll be bearing the soft cushions. The media have made much of the fact that some evangelicals are now taking up the climate catastrophe standard. Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed – Al Gore and greenvangelicals. Maybe that explains the increasing "Church Lady" tone from the catastrophist corner. Sorry, I forgot. This is not a laughing matter.

From: The Globe and Mail

This Day gets cold

Ottawa - Stockwell Day's folksy musings about the weather in his local newspaper were spread across Parliament Hill yesterday by Liberals claiming the cabinet minister had revealed his skepticism about climate change.

Writing in his weekly column in the Penticton Western News, the Public Safety Minister said the recent B.C. cold snap didn't fit with Al Gore's dire predictions. "Maybe all my constituents living high up on the West Bench, or Lakeview Heights, or the hills of Logan Lake will soon be sitting on lakeside property as one of the many benefits of global warming," he wrote.

"All I know is last weekend when I got home from Ottawa there was more snow in my driveway than we usually get in a year. And I was begging for Big Al's Glacial Melt when the mercury hit -24 ... Rather than feeling badly for yourself, picture this. For every hour it's that cold, millions of those nasty ravenous pine beetles who are destroying our forests are having their pesky little heads and jaws frozen, literally to death."

Even though Mr. Day's spokesman said the minister believes in climate change and that the column was clearly meant to be humorous, Liberals were fuming.

"Mr. Day clearly does not understand the science of climate change," Liberal MP David McGuinty said. "It's very concerning. He's a front-bench member of this government's cabinet."

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