November 25, 2006


Don Cherry for the Order of Canada!!!

Now, fill out the nomination papers for Don Cherry to receive the Order of Canada:

From: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

My Order of Canada includes Don Cherry
Nov. 9, 2006

Another pretty hectic week... Saddam the butcher sentenced to be hanged, the U.S. elections, and the United Church launching a $10-million campaign of unfathomable ecclesiastical dignity featuring whipped cream and a bobble-headed Jesus. Throw in a few fridge magnets and this could be the Reformation, a sequel.

And then there was Rona Ambrose's hair. The great apostles of the Green movement, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club and other higher clergy of our ecological salvation have been issuing very mocking and personal press statements about our Minister of the Environment. It's all about her hair.

At another of those great mass meetings so beloved by jet-travelling global warming activists, this one in Nairobi, they sent out a newsletter containing some junior high school sarcasms about Ambrose finding time away from her hairdresser, going on with even greater thigh-slappers, "We were, however, impressed with the hair. Good hair, some might even say exceptional hair."

If the brain trust of the anti-emission crusaders doesn't save the planet from the great global warming incineration, not to fear. With material like this, they'll have hot writing gigs with Letterman and Leno within a week, regardless of how much CO2 is hanging over New York or L.A. Greenpeace and the Sierra Club does Air Farce, now, there's an apocalypse worth burning for.

So, with all of that, the United Church going dashboard ornament for Jesus, the ecological sexist puritans making fun of a woman's hair while poor Gaia suffocates, could it be much wonder that the news that Don Cherry was jeered in our House of Commons by some Bloc MPs and some Québec Liberals got somewhat lost in the clutter?

Don't mock Don Cherry.

You are not worthy to unloose the great man's collar studs. A few of these petulant parliamentary pygmies even had the nerve to suggest that Don Cherry, the single most celebrated Canadian not doing a Las Vegas lounge act, should not be recognized as a distinguished visitor in our House of Commons.

Let me put this with extreme clarity. If people espousing the break-up of Canada, if a party advocating actual separatism from Canada can actually sit in the House of the Federation and receive salaries from the same federation they are desperate to leave, then, by the bobble-headed deity on my dashboard, Don Cherry can sit there as a distinguished visitor.

And please let us not get into comparisons on the question of dignity as between "Coach's Corner" and its vivid tribune and the House of Commons.

It wasn't "Coach's Corner" that spent a good ten days this fall over the immensely vital question of who called whom a dog. And it wasn't Don Cherry who insulted Québec with adscam either.

Cherry has got more standing with the majority of Canadian citizens and more connection with their lives from his few minutes on "Coach's Corner" than three quarters of every debate we've had in the House of Commons in the last decade.

One last really important note: I had not known until this very day that Don Cherry doesn't have a single civic award of distinction yet, no Order of Canada, no medal of merit. Is this possible? Can there be such a thing as an Order of Canada that doesn't have Don Cherry in it? Has every governor-general of the last 20 years been asleep? Do they not watch "Coach's Corner"? I fear we are not a serious nation. My Order of Canada includes Don Cherry. What about yours?

For "The National," I'm Rex Murphy.

Copyright 2006 - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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