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September 24, 2006

Notice for users...

If you have ever accessed any of my sites, including this blog, my portfolio, or the education resource-sharing site, you may not have noticed that they have moved to my new domain here at So make note of the new addresses for these sites if you intend to ever make use of them again. The pages at my domain will only be up for a short while longer, and they will no longer be updated. On another front, because I have been working at a new teaching job, I have a boatload of new educational resources now available at my disposal that I will eventually have available at The Education Project website. Unfortunately due to the sheer size and volume of what I now have, it is going to take weeks or even months for me to get all the material scanned into electronic form and added to the site. In the meantime, make use of what I have right now, and feel free to contact me to add any resources, ideas, lessons plans, or whatever of your own to the project. Thanks!


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