Technology in Education

June 26, 2006

I'm Back!!!

Well folks, after a couple of very busy months working and doing school projects, I can finally get back to updating my blog. I have been busy assembling the companion website to this blog, and you can now view it at you will actually be able to access and download material that I have collected over the last few years to use in your own classrooms. This website covers not only Humanities material, but also delves into Math, Phys Ed, and Business Technology courses as well. So I guess my resource links for this post will be my own two websites: - MY WEBSITE FOR COLLECTED AND SHARED RESOURCES - MY LOOK AT TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION

This blog will be used in conjunction with these two sources. I will certainly encourage all educators out there, especially those in Alberta, to help me to build a massive free database of classroom materials for all of us to make use of and share. Think music file swapping, but for something that is more useful and does not violate copyrights. As the summer moves on, I'll be able to spend more time working here and on some of my other projects. In the meantime enjoy!!!


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