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March 11, 2006

Online Resources for Teaching Shakespeare - From the ERIC Digest.

  • Note: This information has been condensed from the following source...
    Stoicheva, Mila. "Online Resources for Teaching Shakespeare: ERIC Digest." ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication. Bloomington IN: Family Learning Association, 2002.
Here's some useful online resources for the teaching of Shakespeare as compiled by Mila Stoicheva. Just as this Blog will provide a wealth of information for educators, Stoicheva notes in her research that

consistent with the nature of the internet itself, most of these sites cross-reference each other in unique ways to create a cornucopia of ideas for teaching and learning about the life and works of Shakespeare. (Page 2)

So please make use of these resources, they are designed to be shared with all.

  1. The Folger Shakespeare Library:
  2. Electronic Shakespeare:
  3. Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet:
  4. Shakespeare Online:
  5. The Shakespeare Resource Center:
  6. Shakespeare Illustrated:
  7. Shakespeare's Globe:
  8. University of Virginia Library - Electronic Text Center:

You can definitely make extensive use of these resources, some of them are very comprehensive...Enjoy!


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