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March 21, 2006

My personal favourites for my own Social Studies teaching...

During my student teaching, I was primarily involved in teaching Alberta's (soon to be) old Social Studies 20 course. Although the new Social Studies 20-1 & 20-2 curriculum will be coming into effect soon, the resources I used during my Advanced Professional Term cover topics that are recurring throughout Secondary-level Social Studies classes in any jurisdiction. Here are some study booklets I put together that cover topics like Nationalism, Industrialization, Imperialism, Ideologies, and everyday life in the 18th and 19th centuries. Putting together these books takes some browsing and printing, but they are excellent supplements for your teaching. If possible, teach a class or two or three in a computer lab and allow the students to browse on their own, possibly saving some paper in the process.

Booklet #1: The Congress of Vienna. (Nationalism, Imperialism, Ideologies)
page 1-2:
page 3:
page 4:
page 5-6:
page 7-8:
page 9-10:
page 11-14:

Booklet #2: The Results from Vienna/The Revolutions of 1848. (Nationalism, Industrialization, Ideologies)
page 1-3:
page 4:
page 5-6:
page 7:
page 8-10:

Booklet #3: Ideologies from their Primary Advocates. (Ideologies, Industrialization, Nationalism)
Adam Smith (page 1-3):
Defence of Laissez-Faire (page 4-7):
Charles Fourier (page 8-10):
David Ricardo (page 11-13):
John Stuart Mill [1] (page 14-15):
John Stuart Mill [2] (page 16-17):
Woman's Rights Petition (page 18-20):

Booklet #4: Industrialization and Economic Philosophies. (Industrialization, Ideologies)
page 1-3:
page 4-5:
page 6:
page 7:

Booklet #5: Interactive Learning and Special Readings. (Industrialization, Imperialism, 18th & 19th Century Life)
BBC Assignment (create an assignment that allows students to peruse the following website):
Victorian Web Assignment (create an assignment that makes use of this website):
The Casement Report:
Chapter 2 of Charles Dickens' Hard Times:

Website Acknowledgements: - An excellent site hosted by Killeen Harker Heights School in Killeen, TX. Provides a wealth of Social Studies links, plus has all the required content from AP World History and Human Geography courses. - Teacher Brett N. Silva's personal site from his school in Chico, CA. Also contains a wealth of useful World History course content. - The Internet Modern History Sourcebook, a collection of primary source material that is specifically made available for distribution to educators and students. Contains the original writings from many important historical sources.

These web sources were instrumental in the planning and delivery of my student teaching...Along with resources already available in the school, I successfully taught Topic A of Social Studies 20 from the end of the French Revolution to just before the start of World War One, touching upon the Nationalism, Industrialization & Ideologies, and Imperialism course themes. Feel free to use it to enhance your classroom as well...Enjoy!


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