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March 11, 2006

More Web resources for Humanities Teachers...

The EDSITEment Project:
A combination of useful links to top Humanities-related educational sites available on the Web.

A meta-site with links to educational sites on the Web that provide accurate, current, accessible, and rich information in such core humanities subjects as history/social studies, literature/language arts, government, and foreign languages. It is meant to guide teachers through the labyrinth of approximately 66,000 so-called educational sites on the World Wide Web ... using the following critieria ...

  1. Intellectual Quality: Does the site provide rich, deep, and multi-layered humanities content? ...
  2. Website Design: Is the site user-friendly and attractive graphically? ...
  3. Website Impact: Can this site serve multiple audiences or is it highly specialized? (Katz: 1998, 145)

Interactive Language Learning on the web:
Since I have read about the "highly integrated language learning environment called IWiLL (Intelligent Web-based Interactive Language Learning) ... a novel web-based writing environment," (Wible, Kuo, Liu, Tsao: 2000, 2) I found this website that provides extensive links to other Web-based Language Learning Initiatives. Lots to search for in here.

Till next time folks...

Note: Sources of information used in this post are from the following:

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